seven tips if you are going to buy plane tickets

During the Good End event there are an infinity of offers and promotions of all kinds, specifically the airlines handle different types of discounts. Although it is very attractive to travel and especially to take advantage of the offers, you should consider some details before purchasing a flight.

First of all, there are basic elements when you make the purchase of plane tickets, for example comparing the services of the airlines and also identifying if they have the destination you want.

Ask how much luggage you can take. Photo: Pixabay

It is important to check the schedules, class and costs according to your budget, you also have to analyze the return policies so that you are informed under what conditions it applies, you also have to see if you have traveler insurance.

If you are going to book and buy your tickets over the internet, you have to check that the ads send you to a secure website.

Other things you should make sure is that your tickets have the following information:

Company name Class Destination Price Date Travel time Seat number

What are the airlines with the most complaints?

This is another of the elements that you must take into account, according to the Consumer Attorney General’s Office (Profeco), the airlines that have filed the most complaints about their services are Aeroméxico, VivaAerobus, Interjet, Famsa and Volaris.

What are the airlines with a high reconciliation percentage?

Continuing with the data of this agency, those with a conciliation percentage raised to 80% are VivaAerobus, Aeromar, Volares, Cubana de Aviación and Delta Airlines.

For the aforementioned, these are some of the basic measures that you must implement when buying plane tickets, however during the Good End there are other strategies that you must carry out, below we offer you 7 tips according to Profeco and some airlines.

1. Know everything about the services they offer

You must inform yourself if the tickets are refundable, can be canceled or transferred, as well as the charge that would apply to do so. In this sense, the providers must give you all this data clearly and truthfully.

2. Request the information on safety at the airline

You have to ask you are authorized in hand luggage and the one you document, also its dimensions and weight as well as for suitcases.

For each piece they have to give you a receipt, if there is any loss or your luggage is damaged they have to reward you with 40 minimum wages and in the case that it is documented with 75 minimum wages.

3. Check the seasons

Low seasons are the best option to buy your tickets at a low cost.

4. Ease of access

Airlines have the obligation to provide facilities for those with a disability, from the support of wheelchair transport.

5. Refund in some situations

The airlines have to refund the cost of your ticket or an amount less than 25% in situations such as unexpected cancellation or overbooking.

In addition, they must grant you the telephone communication service to your destination at no cost, as well as food during the waiting time, in some cases accommodation as well as ensuring seats on the first flight that is available.

6. Check your budget

You should compare the prices of the destinations you want to go, this way you can see if your budget allows it.

7. Look at the alternatives in your banks

You can check if your banks have any options in their payment plans during this Good End, for example monthly payments, interest with flexible terms as well as preferential rates.

So if you are going to take advantage of buying your plane tickets during this Good End, consider these tips so that you have a good experience and enjoy your trip.

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