Starting the holidays means starting a good number of springs at home. Prepare clothes, do not forget swimsuits (you never know even if we do not go to the beach), keep the car up to date in the reviews and incidentally tell information in advance prevent possible scares on the journey or at the destination.

The latter, our destination, may be one of the magnificent beaches we have and for those who are about to embark on their journey we have prepared a selection of applications with which avoid problems and shocks since we left home until we stick the umbrella in the sand, ready to take our first bath.


We start with traffic and we will control possible incidents. Although Google promptly informs us of the status of traffic on Google Maps, it does not hurt to have additional information. And that is what SocialDrive offers, an application that keeps us aware of any type of incident.

It is the users themselves who, with the information they provide, allow SocialDrive brings us closer to everything that happens on the roads around us. Accidents, retentions, traffic jams, last minute detours … we can avoid scares just by looking at the list of incidents on the screen arranged chronologically.


Developer: SocialDrive Download it at: App Store Download it at: Google play Price: Free Category: Travel / Travel and guides


If we don’t want to use Google Maps or we look for other less known alternatives, one option is to install Radarbot on your mobile. It is an app intended, as its name says, to inform us of the radars and speed-controlled sections in Spain. It also has a Pro version.

The advantage of this application is that integrates with Google Maps and, in this way, it can show us on screen together with sound warnings the situation of fixed speed cameras and even of possible mobile speed cameras, section or tunnel speed cameras. An ally to avoid scares in the portfolio and, above all, in security.

Radarbot: Radar Detector

Developer: Iteration Mobile Download it at: App Store Download it at: Google play Price: Free Category: Navigation / Maps and Navigation


Radardroid is a classic application which is responsible for advising us by voice instructions of the radars as we get closer to them on our journey. Even if it detects that we are overspeeding, it will advise that we slow down and take our foot off the gas.

In addition to the free Android app (Radardroid Lite), there is a premium version (Radardroid Pro) that allows the background use and integration with Google Maps. One of its virtues is its clear and concise interface, which is why many users activate it when they hit the road in their cars.

Radardroid Lite

Developer: Ventero Tel. Download it at: Google play Price: Free Category: Travel and guides

The time is is, probably the best-known weather query app. Hand in hand with those who were once weather presenters on some of the television networks, offers complete information on all the circumstances that can influence the weather, both on the road and in our destination.

The interface is not the most intuitive and striking that we are going to find, but the amount of information it offers is barbaric. From the time in the desired location for days and hours to warnings of weather incidents; we can even check the weather on the beaches with the wind, waves or water temperature.

The time is

Developer: Pelmorex Media Inc. / Expected Time Download it at: App Store Download it at: Google play Price: Free Category: Weather

The time of AEMET

As its name indicates, it is the official application of the State Meteorological Agency. Among the data it offers, the weather forecast in our country with a total scope of 9 days stands out. The success rate is high and, in fact, it is usually more austere in this regard than others when it comes to rain.

Provides information on almost 8,000 locations in Spain and it has a “Notices” menu to be aware three days in advance of possible adverse events. In addition, in summer, it also includes a special section for beaches in our country.

The time of AEMET

Developer: AEMET Download it at: App Store Download it at: Google play Price: Free Category: Weather


This application is designed to know only the time we are going to « suffer » on the coast. The information it offers comes endorsed by the State Meteorological Agency, reason why the success that gets to give is high.

In iPlaya we are going to find information about the waves, the height of the waves, the wind and its speed, the water temperature, UV index, thermal sensation, the time of sunrise and sunset … But the information does not end here, as there are also data on the services available on the beach (showers, toilets, rental of umbrellas …).


Developer: Gloria Latorre / ml developments Download it at: App Store Download it at: Google play Price: Free Category: Weather


If you can’t wait to get into the water, this may be your application because MedusApp informs of the possible jellyfish that we can find on the beaches. It also allows us to take a photo of the jellyfish when we find it and, thanks to GPS tagging, share it in real time to create a map of the places where these marine animals are sighted.

Once the photo is uploaded, the community can contribute to discovering which species it belongs to and we can even access information regarding the effects of their bites by offering up a small aid guide.


Developer: Eduardo Blasco & Ramón Palacios Download it at: App Store Download it at: Google play Price: Free Category: Reference / Tools

Bonus app: ChirinGuía

Yes your thing is the bar counter and be in the shade, and you can leave the sun and sand for others, this application can be interesting. ChirinGuía helps us find the ideal place to eat or have tapas on the beach. Just as we look for a tapas bar in our city with the help of mobile phones, in summer we can do it by locating beach bars.

In addition to find the nearby beach bars, offers information on its gastronomic offer, services, exact location of the beach, opening hours and contact details …

Beach bar

Developer: RETALIS MEDIA SL Download it at: App Store Download it at: Google play Price: Free Category: Eat and drink