Turkish prosecution files charges against four pilots, one airline manager and two flight attendants

The Turkish prosecutor’s office has filed charges against four pilots, a director of the MNG Jet airline and two flight attendants for their participation in the flight of Carlos Ghosn, which stopped in Istanbul on his flight from Japan to Lebanon. They face penalties of between one and eight years in prison.

The four pilots – the two on the first plane and the two on the second – and the airline manager have been accused of illegal human trafficking, a crime that can lead to eight years in prison. The two assistants can spend a year behind bars for not having reported the crime.

The suspects were arrested on January 2 shortly after transcending what had happened. The pilots and managers have since been in custody, although the auxiliaries were provisionally released after testifying. The trial is expected to take place in Bakirkoy, one of Istanbul’s districts.

Carlos Ghosn was arrested for malpractice in 2018 and was on probation awaiting trial when he decided to flee to Lebanon. The former Nissan director felt he was not going to be treated fairly and claimed he was the victim of a plot orchestrated by the manufacturer’s managers.

Ghosn left his Tokyo apartment on December 29 and took the bullet train to Osaka, where he took a taxi to go to a hotel. There he lost track. His accomplices took him to Kansai International Airport, 50 kilometers from the city, where the first plane was already waiting for him.

The former Nissan director bypassed passport control hidden in a large box. It took off at 11:10 p.m. and landed in Istanbul at 5:30 a.m. on December 30. There he was transferred to the plane that took him to Beirut, again hidden in a box during transit.

Carlos Ghosn has already said that he will capture his story in a book, which he plans to edit before the end of the year. He’s also maneuvering to reach the film industry, aware that explaining his side of the story can restore his reputation as an automotive tycoon.

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