Atlético-MG is eyeing the market, despite its financial crisis. Galo wants to meet Jorge Sampaoli’s requests to reinforce the black team. Chilean striker Eduardo Vargas returned to the agenda of the Minas Gerais team. It had already been sought in early 2020, but there was no evolution in the business.

Vargas, who has already played with Sampaoli in the Chilean national team, belongs to Tigres, from Mexico and his contract ends in the middle of next year, which can reduce the cost for his coming.

Despite the interest, President Sérgio Sette Câmara indicated that bringing in new athletes will only happen when the club settles the pending issues with the current squad, which has salary delays.

Vargas was wanted by Galo at the beginning of the year, but there was no deal- (Aton)

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-Actually, you know that I’m not talking about hiring, speculating, anything. That name you just told me there, too, is a surprise to me. In fact, at the beginning of the year, Rui even tried to contact him, it seems that during the period they worked at Grêmio, they had a very good relationship. There is nothing about this player. It may even have something to this or any other athlete, but it certainly won’t be in the same conditions. We are not going to do that kind of thing, we are going to leave it to do some hiring when we have the situation of the athletes up to date, ”said Sette Câmara, in an interview with Rádio 98FM.

The feet on the ground at this moment is due to two months of back wages, in addition to image rights, also missing for the athletic cast. Even coach Sampaoli has his wages unpaid.

-They said ‘Sampaoli is up to date’, he is not, we have to do things in installments for him too. He was very nice, he accepted not only the reduction, but we also had to make some installments of some values ​​that were due to him, gloves and etc-concluded.

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