After reporting the dismissal of 50 people from Atlético-MG, the president of the institution, Sérgio Sette Câmara explained the motivation of the reduction in the staff to reduce the effects of the economic crisis experienced by the club due to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

The Rooster president reiterated the club’s difficulties in this Coronavirus pandemic- (Disclosure)

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Sette Câmara is in a crusade of cost savings saving between R $ 60 and R $ 70 million in Atlético’s accounts.

– It is a very hard time that we are all living. You see big companies doing countless layoffs to go through this period of crisis. Atlético is no different and also has to survive. Unfortunately, with a lot of pain in my heart, we are having to resign in order to go through this period. Maybe later on, in a situation of financial improvement, we can re-hire some of these employees. But unfortunately this (layoffs) has to be done. It hurts a lot, but it is my obligation to be at the head of the club and manage this crisis with great care and always looking, first, at the side of the club, ”he said in an interview with Rádio Itatiaia.
Then he commented on the desire for savings.

– Layoffs and the resulting reduction in payroll are not the only item we are cutting. There are several other cuts being made at the club to reduce expenses. Our goal is to achieve, in the remainder of this year, a cut around R $ 60 to R $ 70 million – said Sérgio Sette Câmara who explained why he did not try to generate another savings in the payroll of players, who have a 25% salary reduction .

– The club’s flagship is football. He is the raison d’être of our business. When football is going well, if we know how to manage with zeal, it also reflects on the financial result of the club. You see that clubs that recently had success in the field, Athletico-PR, Grêmio and Flamengo, also had success in their coffers, brought many revenues. For people to seek revenue, we need to compete for titles. We have to focus on our football. There we have to make the biggest investments, so that we can have this financial return that allows the club to breathe. That’s the idea, ”he explained.
No political layoffs

Sérgio Sette Câmara denied that the layoffs were political in nature to fight back any indication of internal rivals. The current president will seek re-election later this year.

– Absolutely, there is no political motivation. The criterion was very simple: we preserved employees who had lower salaries and, obviously, we had to cut some who had high salaries and even outside the values ​​practiced in the market for the function they perform. It was just an adjustment. The criterion was basically that and it had no political connotation, ”he concluded.

Layoffs due to low revenue

When asked about the delays in the salaries of employees and players, Sette Câmara went on to say that the forced shutdown of football generated this financial instability, as revenues plummeted at the club.

– It should not be a secret to anyone that we are experiencing a crisis. There are large banks laying off 10, 15, 20 thousand people. And they continue to bill. Imagine those cases, like ours, that we have absolutely no revenue. There is no magic. Of course, this reflects a difficulty in honoring payments. But we are looking for solutions. And people, the employees of the club, have to understand that this is a time of difficulty and sacrifice. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t even be firing people – said the agent, who reinforced his commitment to finding solutions to get out of the crisis.

– What I can say is that I have been working hard, together with the board, to find solutions as soon as possible and to pay wages that are eventually overdue. I believe you have to understand everyone. We were beaten for two years there, because we said that we had to have austerity, and that was what we had within the situation of the club, which already has a significant debt. We are identifying, we will try to restructure with the audit we contracted. Anyway, we have a lot of difficulties at the moment to honor payrolls. But this is nothing new, almost all clubs in Brazil are going through this too. I truly believe that in our case we have a light at the end of the tunnel, so we are working hard, so that we can be normalizing this payment flow in the next few days – he concluded.

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