Quique Setien It is played this Friday against him Bayern and the Cantabrian coach appeared before the media at the press conference prior to the quarterfinals of the Champions League that the Barcelona in Lisbon.

Plan with Dembélé

« We arrived well. It is the game we expected after beating Naples. We have worked well. And in the case of Dembélé, it is a satisfaction for all that he can be included and could participate if we consider it appropriate. He has not played for almost a year, but we have the illusion of what he can do and does it well ”.

Bayern Munich

“We know of its potential. It is an extraordinary team, but so are we. It will be an even game. There will be alternatives and we sure have a lot to say in this game. « 


“It is going to be an important game to have the ball, since that way we can defend ourselves for less time without it. Its offensive potential is very high and if we have it we can do you less damage. Yesterday we saw a game that was resolved in favor of PSG, but for a long time the one with the most possession did not win.

Bayern statements

“I think the motivation is within this team. It is a very important game against an opponent who has done very well. Statements are one thing and reality is another. We will surely see two great teams try to win the game. It is an even duel ”.


“Soccer has many aspects and paradoxes. PSG had only played two games and Atalanta a lot and it seemed that one was more tired than the other. In the end the difference was made by the talent of PSG ”.


“We may think that drawing is important, but maybe it is not so important. If we are clear about the talent and speed of this rival when they have the ball we will have to defend. For this reason, you have to have the ball and hurt them when possible ”.

Bayern concern

“We are concerned about many things because they are very complete. Now it remains to be seen if we can get out of that pressure. If we have something good, it is the ability to have the ball and overcome the pressure, which some teams have already done to us. It will be a game with alternatives, it will be up to both of us to defend and attack, and the one who gets it right will be the one who makes it through the tie. « 

Lewandowski better than Messi

“He is a great footballer, but he is not up to Leo. That’s clear. Now he is in a great moment, he is very well assisted by his teammates, but we already saw Messi against Naples. It is good that these footballers are in the field ”.


“Messi can help win the game, but I have always believed in the strength of the team. He is capable of making goals for himself, but without his teammates it would be less ”.