As time went by, the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have become the most popular and blockbuster in recent years, so more and more topics are included to complement the stories of our favorite heroes such as drama, romance, and especially comedy, the same with which Seth Rogen strongly disagrees.

The comedic actor known for being an actor and producer of several of the most popular comedy films recently revealed that he believes that by including comic overtones in Marvel films, which are large, highly expensive productions, they sadly set high standards on non-consumers. They will be drawn to films that are genre-focused and have a much lower budget.

This was stated to the GamesRadar site:

“Something that Evan (Goldberg) and I talk about a lot is that Marvel movies are comedies. Thor: Ragnarok is a comedy. Ant-Man is a comedy at its core. So that’s what it is. There are 200 million dollar comedies, and that is something that, as a comedy filmmaker, you should be aware of. It is a benchmark for people now and it is what they expect!

These big-budget movies work like comedies. Audiences still love comedy, and they want that (movies like Deadpool), but the scope of these productions is enormous. So when you’re not offering them that reach, you have to think, ‘What am I offering them?’

However, Seth Rogen believes that despite the fact that Marvel films come to overshadow the productions in which he, Evan Golberg and many others work, there are films that continue to stand out because they are a total approach to the genre, unlike the MCU that offers few funny moments.

«… That’s why something like Good Boys works well, because we do not offer scope. What we offer is pure comedy, emotion, sympathy and nostalgia. That is the compensation.

Seth Rogen believes that they have been fortunate that these medium-sized productions have worked well and are the ones that allow them to continue making more, he only hopes that in the future they will not be completely overwhelmed by Marvel.

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