The signs of support for inclusion and the call to not be racist caused by the murder of George Floyd, but there are detractors who go against those celebrities who join the cause, but Seth Rogen responded to criticism from all those people .

May 25 was the day George Floyd was cruelly attacked by Minneapolis policespecifically by Officer Derek Chauvin, who nailed his knee to Floyd’s neck for over 8 minutes.

This obviously sparked great outrage and civil unrest across the nation, with many major cities in the midst of unrest, while a few more have been using social media to speak up and show support for the Black Lives Matter movement, including Seth Rogen.

The comedian recently went to Instagram to share a photo with the name of the mentioned movement, and while most fans appreciated that he showed his support, some began to criticize him, saying that “all lives matter.”

The actor and director did not settle, and it was there that Seth Rogen responded to criticism, addressing many of the comments with things like “go to hell” and “stop watching my movies.”

Of course, this has led to some divisive reactions online, with some people applauding the actor and many others beating him up and only making the situation more toxic with his comments.

But again, Rogen never stops and always says what he thinks, so you have to imagine that he knew this was going to happen.

Whether you agree with him or not, it’s nice to see as many celebrities as Seth Rogen showing your support for what is happening right now and trying to help make a difference.

It is certainly a difficult time, but hopefully things will start to change and progress will be made.