Serious cars; Hyundai Creta arrived in Mexico to surprise

On this occasion, thanks to my friends from Hyundai de México, I had the great opportunity to test the new Creta. This little SUV came to surprise me. The aesthetic changes in its design are noticeable and much more beautiful than the previous version.

You can see a strong work by the designers with a large grille that on the sides has the LED headlights of a very different shape and design from the conventional, and below an air intake that gives it sportiness, and with fog lights. Towards the sides there are also lines on the fenders and doors that make it look more voluptuous. The rear wall has a more sober and elegant design, but with a spoiler that gives it movement and sportiness.

Hyundai has greatly improved the quality of the interiors. I love the whole cabin.

The dashboard under the windshield is made of plastic, but it is nice and below it is covered with leather that is very pleasant to the eye and to the touch. The seats have great ergonomics and are very comfortable front and back.

In an SUV of this size, for me, the comfort of the rear passengers is very important and Hyundai has done very well in this regard, up to three good-sized people can travel comfortably without problems.

The handling is very nice too. The steering is very smooth and makes the car easy to maneuver, with this steering wheel design that I also really liked.

The engine is a 1.4-liter turbo that produces 138 horsepower and 179 pound-feet of torque. Enough to carry this Crete and its occupants with ease everywhere.

The only thing I do notice is that it has a bit of excess on the subject of turbo lag during start-up.

Driving in the city feels very solid, both inside and out even when you pass uneven roads.

And it handles even better on the road, as at good speed it feels very stable and gives me a good sense of confidence.

The trunk is a good size, despite the overall size of the vehicle.

It obviously has a touchscreen in the center of the console, with all the connectivity you need. Parking sensors and rear camera, seen from there.

If safety matters to you, don’t worry, this Creta has everything you need and more than enough like ABS brakes, traction assists and airbags, among many other things that I would not have space to put in this column.

Overall, I realize that Hyundai has been working on every aspect to make this car a leader in the segment.

And the price seems very competitive to me, from the entry model at $ 349,200 pesos to the limited turbo version that I tried for $ 458,200 pesos. It is worth trying, I think the cost benefit is one of the best on the market.

Receive a cordial greeting from your friend Mario Domínguez.