Serigne Mbayé asks for Jiménez Losantos to be rectified for “openly racist” comments

Federico Jiménez Losantos in EsRadio. (Photo: EsRadio)

Serigne Mbayé, former spokesman for the Madrid Manteros Union and one of the signings of Pablo Iglesias for the candidacy of United We Can to the Madrid Assembly, has requested this Sunday the rectification by Federico Jiménez Losantos for several “openly racist” comments on the EsRadio station.

“I have requested the rectification of Jiménez Losantos for the expressions made in his program. They are openly racist and totally intolerable. For this reason, I have sent a letter demanding rectification in the next few days, ”Mbayé wrote on his Twitter account.

Jiménez Losantos made these comments during several advertising spots. “Imagine in the Assembly, when the mantero comes, the guardian will have to come,” he exclaimed during the Securitas Direct publicity. These words were not stopped by the rest of the participants in the program, who joined them: “We need that SOS button that helps us in the event of any danger. In the Assembly, a Securitas technician accompanies us until the necessary help arrives ”.

“The disclosure of this program on the EsRadio station is a violation of my fundamental rights and tries to intimidate us when it comes to exercising them. We cannot remain silent. The signs of racism are constant, and what is happening is just one sign ”, added Mbayé.

On the radio program, the journalist continued with such comments during the announcement of an air purifier. “In the Assembly of Madrid, as the head of the band of the manteros arrives they will have to put a Nature Air”. “We would have to send more than one to the Assembly,” another journalist commented, “so you can …

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