Sergio Scariolo, current national coach of Spain basketball and assistant coach in Toronto Raptors In the NBA, their respective confinement is being carried out in Canada, caused by the global health crisis of the coronavirus.

The Italian recently gave an interview for the EFE Agency, where he explained how he is carrying this confinement and what he misses the most about the basketball courts. Scariolo’s words have been the following:

“I really miss the court, the ball, the real basketball. During confinement I can analyze games on the computer, but that is not what fills me up. Also, there are no deadlines, forecasts, there is nothing certain for the future. That bothers me the most, since I have always been a very orderly and planning person. “

On the current situation of the Raptors, Sergio Scariolo tells what are the tasks of each of the members of the coaching staff in full quarantine: “Each of us is responsible for being in contact with two players on the roster. I speak to them and We exchanged images. I send them videos to reflect and give me their opinion about them. “

The return of the NBA is the main concern right now within all the franchises that make up the competition. However, Scariolo has assured that they are still waiting to know what will happen: “We communicate very often, but we have not yet received news that is a certainty. At the moment there are no forecasts. Everyone is trying to push the limit every resource to be able to restart the NBA as soon as possible. “