Sergio Ramos: “Without Messi I think we would have won more titles”

Guardiola and Messi were the architects of Barcelona’s golden age.

Photo: JAVIER SORIANO / Getty Images

For the Real Madrid captain, there are no doubts about what the White House’s record would have been in the last two decades if he had not been Lionel messi at FC Barcelona. Everything looks relative, but Sergio Ramos He has experienced the genius of the Argentine in his own flesh.

The famous series by Sergio Ramos will be released in the coming days to talk about the life and sports career of the already legendary player of Madrid. And in it he spoke of the club’s rivalry with Lionel Messi’s Barcelona.

“We have suffered Messi during this time that, perhaps, if Barcelona had not had him and we had not had him in front of us, I think we would have won more titles,” said Ramos, in words collected by the newspaper Marca from the aforementioned series’ The Legend of Sergio Ramos’.

What was it like facing the best Barcelona in history?

The central defender of the merengue club had to live the time of Guardiola’s fearsome team and he had endless anecdotes from those days of an unforgettable rivalry.

“There was a time when we measured ourselves against the best Barcelona in history. We had a great coach like Mourinho but it was hard for us to face them. We did not win much and also because there was a tension generated by them or by us. I think we all made mistakes there, and thank goodness it took us at a more mature age. We solve it and fight for a unique Selection ”, closed Ramos.

In that final part, he expressed how profitable it was for the Spanish National Team to have that rivalry and good talents in both clubs to win the European Championship, the World Cup and the European Championship.