Sergio Ramos turns his ‘back’ on Real Madrid and reveals his love for Sevilla

Real Madrid face Liverpool FC tomorrow, in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The team led by Zidane will have a significant loss, that of Sergio Ramos, who has not been able to recover 100 percent from an injury that has been dragging.

After Casillas left, Ramos became an emblem for Real Madrid, as he is the oldest player on the squad. The Spanish center-back is about to turn 16 in the merengue squad; however, his love still belongs to other clubs.

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In his series for ‘Amazon Prime’, the 35-year-old revealed that despite the years he has spent with Real Madrid, he is still the team from Seville, the club where he was trained as a player, the team of his loves, ensuring that he will be a fan until the end of his days.

“I am a Sevilla player, I will be until death, but I can also say in capital letters and with a big mouth, that I am the captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team.”

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Ramos played a season with Sevilla in the First Division, but his performances quickly caught the club’s attention. His departure was controversial that summer, since it was never clarified, so that a sector of the fans does not fondly remember the captain of the Spanish National Team.

“My signing for Real Madrid was a transfer agreed between clubs. Florentino Pérez and José María del Nido were the presidents. It was never the payment of a clause as it was sold. That meant that the fans did not treat me with the same affection as me I have always had and always will. ”