The Mexican pilot Sergio Pérez sent a message to his fans expressing the difficult moment he is facing after testing positive for the COVID-19 and leaving him on the sidelines of the British GP. He explained the reasons for his trip to Mexico after the race in Hungary and appreciated the signs of support.

Here is the message from the pilot from Guadalajara: “Hello everyone. As you know, I tested positive on COVID-19. I am very sad and it is undoubtedly one of the saddest of my career. I put all my preparation, all my focus on so many things to this weekend. It is not in your hands. It shows how vulnerable we all are to this virus. For my part I have followed all the recommendations to the letter of my team and the FIA.

After Hungary I took a private flight to go to Mexico to see my mother, who had a very bad accident. I was there for a few days, I returned to Europe and I felt perfect and I feel perfect thanks to God. I have no symptoms. In fact until yesterday I was going to run and then they gave me the news that I needed to do four more tests.

In the end you put everything in perspective and I think that today the important thing is my health, to get rid of this well and that soon I can be on the slopes. I want to thank all my fellow pilots who have supported me so much, we all know that we are very vulnerable in this situation. Unfortunately it touched me and I hope to be the last case in the sport.

I appreciate all the expressions of affection from all the people close to me. I hope we can return soon. All we have to do is take great care of ourselves and we cannot let our guard down at any time. To take care of us and I hope to be back. A hug to all. “, Declared Pérez.

In moments his replacement will be announced at the British GP.

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