With a mask and visibly anxious, the actor Sergio Mayer He went to the Tijuana airport to receive his daughter Antonia, who came from the United States.

The former Garibaldi traveled to the border with the sole purpose of meeting the teenager again, who decided to return to his country after things got complicated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I just landed in Tijuana. How awful, they don’t know the problem. Here I am at the CBX, which is precisely the bridge that you cross from Tijuana to go out to San Diego and denied access.

“Completely alone here, we are waiting to see if my daughter can also be crossed from there to here. I’m still at the airport, waiting. They have already spoken to the director of CBX to see if they can give me access or if there is someone who can receive my daughter from the other side and help me cross her, ”said Sergio.

The also deputy showed a video in which his daughter sees him and comments on the irony of being dressed like this, since at other times if he had gone like this they would not have allowed him even the entrance.

“I’m starting to despair, I want to get my daughter back”, pointed out the actor in one of his stories, while he is seen sitting waiting in the place that looks empty.

“She is nervous, of course. I was a little scared, but they are already helping me and they are going to give it to me, ”said Mayer.

After picking up his daughter in Tijuana, he posted the last video in which he arrived with his daughter at around 8:00 p.m. in Mexico City.

“It is already 8 pm, we are already on the train that goes from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, we only take the car to the house. Welcome, Antonia! ”, concluded.