Sergio Dalma apologizes for inciting the public to stand up at a concert and clarifies: “I am not a denier”


The singer Sergio Dalma has apologized for skipping the anti-Covid protocol by inciting the public to stand up at the concert held this Sunday in Murcia, during the cycle ‘Las Noches del Malecón’.

However, given the “avalanche” of comments he has received on social networks and the media and that, in his opinion, “give rise to interpretations”, he has made it clear that he is not a denier of the pandemic.

“I want to apologize to the public and the organization. The truth is that some people were getting up to dance in their seats and I went overboard in trying to make everyone enjoy themselves, from their seat, but standing up and always wearing a mask,” he said. recognized the artist in a text published on their social networks.

In the publication, Sergio Dalma explains that he is an artist who has resumed a tour after almost two years of hiatus “due to this horrible situation, with an exhaustive anti-Covid protocol”, both for his team and for himself.

“I have always encouraged the public to be responsible and prudent, and I have had the complete vaccine schedule for months. I always wear a mask and in fact yesterday I made it clear to the public not to take it off during my concert, neither standing nor sitting down, “he said.

The singer pointed out that this Sunday he only wanted people to “get up from their seats to enjoy” some of his songs, “always wearing a mask.” “In any case, my performance yesterday was not adequate and I apologize to everyone for that. I hope these words serve to clarify my apologies and my full support for safe culture,” he concluded.

For their part, the organizers of the concert, Las Noches del Malecón, thanked Sergio Dalma for his words and understanding. “It is said that the easy thing is to make mistakes and the difficult to rectify. Your apology honors you. We hope to meet again and enjoy your songs as they deserve,” they have posted on Twitter.

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