Serge Ibaka The preseason has started as a shot. The power forward has scored 18 and 19 points in games the Toronto Raptors have played against the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers. And all this without playing more than 25 minutes in any of the two games. The Canadian team has started by beating two very powerful teams, which is why they are all great news in the current champion.

07/27/2020 08:07

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Ibaka spoke to journalists when the set with the Texan team ended and stressed that the most important thing for him was « to have more resources and confidence. The better you can throw the triples, the better your teammates will be. ”

Before the coronavirus stoppage, the power forward had already shown that step forward than in the offensive he is trying to carry out. In the last game the Raptors played, he scored 27 points with good percentages, against a great defense such as the Utah Jazz.

Pascal Siakam in which the hopes of the Canadian fans rest, but Ibaka knows that he has to be one of the players who offensively help the team of Nick Nurse to charge as little as possible a loss as crucial as that of Kawhi Leonard.

Ibaka is having great shooting safety

The Hispano-Congolese knows that he will not normally have as many shots as other teammates, so it is very important that he has the best possible percentage and that is what he is trying to do. In both preseason games, he has exceeded 60% on field goals, reaching a spectacular 80% in the game against the Blazers.

It is true that his coach, Nick Nurse, assured that he did not see the inner couple that he formed with Marc Gasol as too comfortable, but they are preparation matches and there is still much room for improvement: “I do not think they were very comfortable, but it is normal, we have than picking up rhythm. They lacked some rhythm, chemistry … I don’t know, I haven’t seen them particularly comfortable, but it’s nothing to worry about. He is friendly, « said Nurse.

Words that can go more for the adaptation of Marc, who debuted yesterday, than for an Ibaka who was seen immense opening the track and leaving spaces for colleagues such as Lowry, Siakam or Vanvleet.

It will be necessary to pay attention to this more aggressive Ibaka in attack. If the Raptors can count regularly on the power forward at this level of accuracy and confidence, they will have many options to do something important. Recall that the resources of the Raptors are very varied, that there are players like Powell or Thomas who have proven to be very valid from the bench and that in the starting quintet they have high quality players.

If to the more than 20 points that Siakam averages, we add an Ibaka in figures similar to those he has achieved in these encounters, be careful with the Canadian team because it can be very warlike.