Like many stars before him, Serge Gainsbourg seems to have taken advantage of his notoriety for his few female conquests. If the French especially remember his love story with Jane Birkin, from which the famous Charlotte Gainsbourg was born. But if this romance has long been the dream of fans, we now know that it was not always pink, as evidenced by their violent arguments, between slaps and cigarettes crushed on the skin, or the story of Jane Birkin, who once wanted the singer to kill her. Serge Gainsbourg, known for his penchant for alcohol and young women, had also had an affair with Constance Meyer, aged 16 when he was 57. And according to recent revelations from Lio, the singer no would not always have had exemplary behavior with the fairer sex.

Did Serge Gainsbourg “betray” France Gall?

On Wednesday September 9, 2020, Lio was the guest of Arte Radio’s new podcast, entitled Transmission. More than forty years after the success of Banana Split, the singer confides on her beginnings and her outlook on the world of music. “I wouldn’t mind if you kissed me. But you have to take your chance before it passes. If you are looking for something to break the ice Banana banana banana …. Frosty kisses on the white mountains. Looks like things are going off. The whipped cream collapses in an avalanche Banana banana banana ”, wrote the lyricist of Lio, Jacques Duval, in 1980. Verses to say the least suggestive, which made of the singer a revolutionary of pop music. “It is true that the reference to sex is obvious but between Jacques Duval and me, we worked together, he never betrayed me”, she tells our colleagues. With these words, Lio – who recently revealed to be “abstinent” and “no longer sleeping” with men for eight years – had a thought for Serge Gainsbourg.

Gainsbourg he yes betrayed France Gall by making him sing Lollipops with anise. She hadn’t understood at the time, ”the 58-year-old star explains today. Indeed, France Gall was very angry with Serge Gainsbourg after Les Sucettes. The title is about an innocent little girl, Annie, who goes to the grocery store to buy candy. But at 19, in 1966, France Gall did not notice the other meaning of the song… which implicitly describes a fellatio. “It was horrible, horrible! It changed my relationship with boys. It humbled me, actually. At the same time, I felt that it was not clear… It was Gainsbourg anyway! Big pig! ”, France Gall told Parisien in 2015.

Serge Gainsbourg “was a stalker”

If Michel Berger’s wife was finally amused by this misunderstanding, Lio does not take offense. On the waves of Arte Radio, the singer did not mince words with regard to Serge Gainsbourg. “He’s the Weinstein of the song”, She says before adding:“ Even if at the time I found very interesting what he wrote for women ”. Very strong words, which obviously were not chosen at random since producer Harvey Weinstein was convicted of rape and sexual assault during his trial on February 24. And Lio is not afraid to say it: “Gainsbourg behaved badly with young women, he was a stalker. ” The singer, who fights against violence against women, even claims to have “witnessed it several times”. For her, “France Gall has been abused, with this song, by disrespectful adults. It’s rape. ” And “that the people of the trade laugh about it, [elle] do not accept it ”. Revelations that are likely to make noise in the coming days.

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