Serena Williams resigns from Tokyo Olympics

The list of casualties for the next Tokyo Olympics Add a new name today, but not just any one. Nothing more and nothing less than Serena Williams, which was a gold medal in Sydney 2000 (doubles), Beijing 2008 (doubles) and London 2012 (singles and doubles). About to turn 40, the former world number 1 resigns from what were going to be her last Games, although she was not in the mood to share the reasons. About this and other related topics Wimbledon 2021 the champion chatted with the press colleagues.

A different Wimbledon

“Now it’s a bit different to walk around these fields, the Wimbledon tournament feels very different, but it’s true that it still gives me a very special feeling. It is difficult to describe, just the simple fact of being here, stepping on the grass… it is a special, unique Grand Slam, it is different for many things. I always think about the amount of history that has passed through here ”.

Djokovic and the PTPA

“I have been speaking with Novak on the subject, although I still have not had much time to collect my thoughts. You are definitely reaching out to a lot of people to get different opinions, different thoughts, just to try to figure out what it is you want to propose. Right now in tennis, each one on a different path ”.

A frame more open than ever

“Despite the significant casualties we have in this edition, the women’s wardrobe is still very deep, no matter who you play against. You really are obliged to show your best level, there is no longer a single crossing that guarantees you victory, so every day you have to go out there with your head in place and your game on track. They all play very hard, everyone is ready to win, they all worked very hard to be here.

Serena and Federer, competing until 40

“Now people can decide whether to play more or less time, I think that technological advances have helped a lot to make this happen. The way we currently see the game, the way we recover, the way they manufacture our footwear today, even clothing, all that technology has helped us a lot to continue competing, both Roger and my. Usually people retired at 29-30 years old, some even earlier. The top3 seemed to be 32 years old, but now at that age you see players who start to perform at the highest level. It has been a combination of several factors ”.

All rivals want to beat him

“The truth is that this made me better, honestly. I’ve carried a big ‘X’ on my back since 1999, when I won the US Open. I’m used to all the players playing me really hard in every tournament, in every match, in every Grand Slam. The place doesn’t matter much either, they just push you to the limit and, at the same time, make you improve. Mentally it has been very difficult, because one day you can beat anyone and the next day you still have to lose. At the end of the day, I’m still Serena Williams. “

No to the Tokyo Olympics

“If I am not on the Olympic list, it is for something. There are many reasons why I have made this decision, but right now I don’t feel like going into a debate. Maybe another day, sorry. I have had a wonderful past with the Olympics, but I have not thought about this, so I will continue without thinking. “

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