When a competitive animal glimpses its prey, no matter how strange and complex the context in which the challenge is, it sharpens its fangs. It is what has been appreciated in Serena Williams shortly after the schedule was confirmed and it became known that the US Open 2020 would be celebrated. The American continues with the goal between eyebrows of adding a new Grand Slam title that gives more meaning to her crusade for the empowerment of women and reaches the record of Margaret Court. Perhaps the dream conditions for this are not present in this year’s edition, but a title is a title and Serena is already preparing.

“I really want to go to New York to compete. I feel like the USTA He has done a great job to ensure everyone’s safety and have an incredible and magnificent tournament, “says the five-time champion of the American event.” Obviously, I am going to miss the fans a lot in the stands. The atmosphere that exists there has made me live tremendous emotions and win a game thanks to her support, “says a woman whose words have been valued by two people who know her well.

One of them is Nick Bolletieri, who is convinced of the ability to Serena Williams to find your best level. “A born competitor like her will be able to play great tennis. The confirmation of her presence gives a great boost to the tournament and is very important news for tennis,” says the legendary coach, who is seconded by David Newman, one of the most important executives of the USTA. “The impact of Serena’s presence is very great. Having the participation of one of the best athletes in history assured is a great boost for the US Open 2020“he declared, giving voice to the thoughts of all fans.