Not much has been seen Serena Williams since the pandemic has left the women’s circuit without tennis. The former number 1 in the world, focused on her family and her businesses, has not had much presence in the media or in scheduled talks, although she has been able to participate in some charitable campaigns to help certain sectors. He recently put the youngest of the Williams on the Aryeh Bourkoff vodcast.

The North American was able to offer her point of view on the most commented, debated and analyzed situation: the need for many tennis players who do not have the means to invoice or have an income in these very difficult months, full of uncertainties. Although in some places it is beginning to wake up, being able to train and even opening the clubs to begin to revive the activity, in professionalism the date of re-entry is still far away.

– And that is why Serena has had an impact on this complex and very complicated reality, the one that both tennis players live for so long.

“It is really scary for many players. I have a lot of concern, like everyone else, and the sport has been really affected. We have people here in our sport who live to play tennis. Therefore, they currently have no income because they are not competing “.

– The American knows that many players who are starting or who have a very low ranking will have to redouble their efforts, if they can, to keep their calendar or to be able to travel and maintain themselves.

“I’ve been playing for over two decades. So I’m in a different position, but if you’ve just started, it’s not a great place to be. There are many things that raise a lot of questions about what’s going to happen, if this could to happen again and the players prepare for it. So you have to ask yourself, how to improve things in the day to day of the players, who are the true product of tennis? “