Sequel may not be titled ‘Ragnarok’

The creative director of the game raised doubts about the issue on social networks. Photo: Santa Monica Studio | Santa Monica Studio

Upon confirmation in the presentation of Playstation 5 Last year, many members of the fan community have started calling the sequel to the reboot of God of war with the subtitle « Ragnarok”, This is because so far Santa Monica Studio or PlayStation has not been commissioned to announce its official title.

Despite the fact that production on this game has already started for a while, no details have been revealed about its history or the estimated time for its release. In addition, those involved in its realization would not have been in charge of denying this title awarded by the fans, until now.

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The creative director of the game, Cory Barlog, recently shared through Twitter an article in which he was mentioned with the title of « God of War: Ragnarok. » It would be the comment of Barlog the one that would raise strong suspicions among his followers: « How come I never heard of this game? », he would write.

Despite not being a complete confirmation, it seems that « Ragnarok » is not part of the name of the next installment in the franchise. Who follow Barlog In social networks you will know that it is not very common for me to mention things related toGod of war”. Even when he does, he would often jokingly deny the existence of the project.

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The reason why the gamer community started calling it “God of War: Ragnarok” is because the trailer featured the phrase “Ragnarok is on the way” after only presenting the renewed logo of the saga adorned with Norse runes. Needless to say, so far, none of those involved in the production have referred to the game in this way.

The only certain information is that the game will be launched on the console PS5 at some indeterminate point in 2021. The possibility of a version for PS4 is in the crosshairs, but so far Sony or Santa Monica Studio They have not discussed this possibility, so there is still a long way to go before completely official information emerges.