Senate. Members of benches change parties heading for elections

The electoral period will modify the integration of the benches in the Senate, with what Brunette it seeks to stay with the majority by “adopting” legislators dissatisfied with their parties by not being nominated for a candidacy in their states; or, other resentful ones that when being relegated from the nominations seek the shelter of emerging parties and even the alliance PRI-PAN-PRD.

According to legislators from Brunette consulted by MILLENNIUM, two senators of BREAD They could make their exit to join the majority. Although licensed, Victor Fuentes He has already stood as a candidate for mayor of Monterrey for the coalition Together we will make history.

However, his substitute, Jesús Horacio González remains on the PAN bench.

It was also announced that, at least, other PAN it could change colors in the next few weeks. Even the bench of the PRD, which heads Miguel Angel Mancera, is also looking to strengthen its fraction, since for now it only has three members, not even the minimum (five) to be recognized as a parliamentary group.

For the senator Veronica Camino, who on Monday, February 15, left the bench of the Green party to join BrunetteDuring the electoral period, it is “normal” for legislators to move from one bench to another.

He stated that more changes could be made in the coming weeks, but not necessarily to the majority party, which now has 62 out of 128 legislators.

Another of the nonconformists is the morenista Cristóbal Arias, who remains in Morena, despite the fact that he will go for the governorship of Michoacan with the Fuerza Social party, which is also from a close to its coordinator, Ricardo Monreal, the leader of the Catem, Pedro Haces.

In an interview with MILLENNIUM, the former pevemista affirmed that her change of party is a decision that she studied and thought very well, « and today, here I am. »

He admitted that the normal thing is that you can think that you change from one bench to another for some personal benefit, “but the causes would have to be put on the table. Those of us in politics have a purpose which is to serve the citizenship and yes, in the place where you are or where you are identified. People assume that you are inside that politic party and no, it is not necessarily so ”.

However, he clarified that when a person wants to transcend and their actions transcend, « you have to have full support and that is what could not be done. »

Since the legislature began and due to the coalitions they came through, some senators changed benches as Juan Zepeda of PRD and he joined the Citizen Movement, now he will run for the municipal presidency of his native Nezahualcóyotl, in the State of Mexico.

The senator Eleanor NoyolaShe was a PRD senator and went to the Green Party. The PRI Noé Castañón changed to the bench of Movimiento Ciudadano. The morenista Lilly Téllez joined the PAN bench and the PRI substitute Guadalupe Sánchez also joined the majority party; among others.