If buying over the Internet was already a facilitator, today, it is an effective solution. In the face of an unprecedented crisis, which brings social isolation as the main implication, having the desired product just a few clicks away is a decisive factor.

It is not new that the way of buying has changed, even in a few months – and that can already be felt. According to data provided by Felipe Brandão, executive secretary of the Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, Câmara-e.net, the increase in consumption via e-commerce increased by 40% only in the first half of March, when compared to the same period of the previous year. The mentioned period corresponds to the first days of isolation.

With that in mind, it is clear that modernizing processes and adopting online sales may be the answer that many entrepreneurs seek to leverage sales. “The industry Selling online is democratizing the process for the final consumer. All service models should consider this option now, if they have not done so in the past. Now is the time to organize the house and find other ways to make a profit,” says Rodrigo Garcia, Manager of Petina Soluções, a company specialized in marketplace management.

Industry 4.0

The e-commerce revolution came slowly: today it is no longer an option. “Every entrepreneur who wants to grow, needs to consider online sales. We are talking, then, that a marketplace can be the encouraging solution to start this process. Having a presence in the large virtual showcase is indispensable”, he comments.

However, is selling on the internet so simple? For Rodrigo, the answer is “no”. The reason? You need to be organized and careful with details that seem simple. Among them are: system integrations, registration management, contract management, logistics, customer service, sales and market analysis. And it is precisely at this moment that a marketplace demonstrates its importance.

In general, Rodrigo explains that a marketplace is capable of integrating, gathering and giving easy access to the handling of all necessary information. “We usually say that ‘we sell sales’. We carry out all the processes so that our partners start their sales on Marketplaces in an integrated way. This allows to optimize processes and sales performance in the channels. We have the complete solution for the industry to sell online. complete solution “, he points out.

Finally, the expert highlights why the flow becomes sustainable. “We are leaving the path open. With a marketplace, it is not necessary to depend on a reseller to be successful in the online world.”

Successful partnership

Founded in 2015, Petina Soluções em Negócios Digitais has the mission of democratizing online sales, always thinking about the final consumer. With a focus and specialization in the marketplaces, Petina delivers a full service service, contemplating the complete management for the industry to sell online on its own website and / or in the marketplaces.

With a specialized and qualified team to carry out the implementation and all online management, Petina takes care of all the complex and bureaucratic items, leaving its customers and partners to worry about what really matters: the sales strategy. Learn more: https://www.petina.com.br/

Website: https://www.petina.com.br/

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