Selling, Mhoni Vidente points out that a driver will go to the afterlife

Selling, Mhoni Vidente points out that a driver will go to the afterlife (Instagram)

Selling, Mhoni Vidente points out that a driver will go to the afterlife | Instagram

The famous Mhoni Vidente has left her followers frozen by ensuring that the program Windowing very soon he will dress in mourning, because one of his conductors could go to the afterlife.

In her predictions for En el radar, the Cuban pointed out that television programs should be very careful since serious health problems are coming, but the warning was directly for Ventaneando, the TVAzteca program led by Pati chapoy, where it ensures that one of its drivers is at great risk of leaving soon to the beyond.

To say of Mhoni Seer, Drivers could suddenly leave and fill their companions and followers with mourning and feeling, he asks everyone, mainly in Ventaneando, to take good care of themselves.

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Within his predictions, the former member of the Today program shared that they could be cases very similar to those of Magda Rodríguez, a very surprising game for everyone on television.

The letter from the mu3rt3, this letter tells me that several more programs on Mexican television will dress in mourning, tr @ gedias, sudden things in matters of f @ llecimiento of the drivers, from people very dear to the night to the morning.

The famous seer pointed out that the coronavirus will continue to do its thing on television stations and that both Televisa and TVAzteca will have problems with their drivers due to this virus.

Definitely that virus, the Covid will continue to hit programs like Ventaneando, as well as very important programs on Televisa and TVAzteca, added Mhoni Vidente.

Mhoni Vidente, who will be part of television from his participation in Sabadazo stressed that especially the program led by Pati Chapoy has “something strange” and the least that could happen is the departure of one of his beloved drivers.

But I visualize something strange in the Ventaneando program, if someone from the drivers does not appear, a tr @ gedia is definitely seen in the program. So they have to be very careful of that negative energy that is still surrounding the drivers.

Pati Chapoy, Daniel Bisogno and Pedrito Sola are the most endearing hosts of the famous show program of TVAzteca; From the Cuban woman’s words, it would be better if they were aware of her health.

Recently Daniel Bisigno became a trend since fake news began to circulate on social networks that he claimed had started as a result of a s0br3d0sis. The news claimed that he had been found alive and that the entertainment world was in mourning for the famous journalist’s departure.

The news shocked the followers of El Muñe, but fortunately, it was later pointed out that all this had been false, to the reassurance of family, friends, followers and loved ones.

Regarding the trend, Pati chapoy He assured that this news would be an exclusive for Ventaneando and if Daniel Bisogno left for the hereafter, they would be the ones who broke the news.

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But the uproar for Daniel did not stop there, since days before he had been a protagonist on social networks for starting a discussion with a follower of the President of Mexico.

After this, El Muñe made a public apology and withdrew from social networks; there are those who assure that said apologies were not sincere and that they were even written by one of his colleagues from Ventaneando.

According to some entertainment programs, after the uproar on Twitter, the warning came to Ventaneando that this would bring serious problems and that is why the public apology was issued. Many assured that this could indicate the exit of the program of Daniel Bisogno; However, Salinas Pliego himself assured to support the driver and applaud his work.