Selene Pau Luna gets wet and reveals her enormous attributes in a white bodysuit

The beautiful fan of the Pumas de la UNAM, Selene Pau Mona, raised the temperature among all her followers by posting a provocative and suggestive photograph in which she posed dressed in a tight fit white bodysuit in cotton fabric with a cute spring print of the animated character of Mickey Mouse.

The white and tight bodysuit marked the silhouette of the beautiful YouTuber, who did not agree with that, made the postcard more ‘spicy’, moistening her clothes with a jet of water, with which she achieved a translucent effect that revealed part of her anamtomy.

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“As the water did not rise, I had to bathe with hoses,” Selene posted.

Selene has achieved great popularity on social networks thanks to her daring photographs, for which she has already managed to surpass 800 thousand followers.

Luna is the host of the Kameo Network program, in addition to having her own YouTube channel where she hosts the Escote Deportivo program.

Recently, the model opened an account with exclusive material for adults on a platform called OnlyFans.

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