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After the premiere of the second season of the selena series, the singer’s widower has revealed the dark side of the Quintanilla family.

It’s known that Chris perez He is not a character who is involved in controversies, but when he published his book with the memoirs of the Tex-Mex queen, the problems began with her family, since he was sued for a million dollars and they did not allow him to convert the book into a series.

Chris Pérez gave an interview for the Telemundo program ‘Suelta la Sopa’, in which they asked him why he had published on his social networks that they tried to erase his legacy with Selena, to which he replied that some songs he made with the singer , “Can be” Y “No longer” disappeared from digital platforms. This hurt the musician a lot, in addition, that he did not receive the royalties that were due to him.

At the beginning of his relationship with Selena, he was not well received by his father. Abraham Quintanilla, so they kept their relationship a secret and in the same way they got married. After the marriage union, the problems were left behind and he was part of the family; However, after the death of the singer, the differences and estrangements between both parties began again.

Until now, Selena’s legacy belongs to her father and brothers, while Chris does not have much participation in this matter, since it is speculated that they made him sign some transfer of rights documents, but it is not known if this is true .

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