Selena Quintanilla’s ex-husband and her father will go to trial!

Selena Quintanilla’s ex-husband and her father will go to trial! | EFE

Has it been repressed? Chris Pérez who was the husband of the singer, Selena Quintanilla, who won the title of the “Queen of Tex Mex“reveals the dark side of the family of which he was his spouse.

Recently, Selena: The Series, which portrays the life of the “Texan diva”, Selena quintanilla, has caused great euphoria, for his part, Chris Pérez, widower of the native of Lake, Jackson, Texas, would try to launch a similar project which emerges from his book “To Selena, With Love”, written by him four years ago and for which you have received a lawsuit!

It was the ex-spouse of the immortalized figure of music “who revealed through his official Facebook account his plans to turn his book into a television series, however, Abraham Quintanilla, Selena’s father would truncate the guitarist’s dream.

The former member of “Los Dinos”, a group of the Quintanilla brothers and where Selena began her first steps in music, would reveal that he will face a trial against the father of his ex-wife, which will take place in February next anus.

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Selena Quintanilla’s family was behind the second season of the series that has caused so much euphoria through the Netflix platform, now the father of the interpreter of “Como la flor” would again face the video of his daughter, Chris Perez.

The winner of the Grammy Award in 2000, in the category of “Best Latin Rock” for his album “Resurrection” has shown greater activity on social networks where he has shared more photographs.

In addition, he also became an entrepreneur by promoting his line of sauces, Perez Pepper Sauce. In the series, Chris Pérez’s name is represented by actor Jesse Possey, to whom Abraham Quintanilla runs upon learning that he is in a relationship with his daughter.

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On the other hand, this sad news in the middle of the plot that revives the life and trajectory of the outstanding superstar, would not cease to be a reference for many of those who knew his love story with the rocker, who faced many obstacles to live their courtship.

What led the couple to decide to marry in secret, the name of Chris Pérez was a key name in the life of the famous interpreter of “Forbidden Love” and is the series that shows a small glimpse of the great romance they lived.

However, the beautiful story would only last four years since the young promise of music was finalized in Corpus Christi on March 31, 1995 at the hands of his fan club representative and administrator, Yolanda Saldívar.

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In the plot you can see how the union that tried to be secret between the two led to the integration of Chris to the band, in chapter 5 entitled “Sweet Love”.

Today the fans of the businesswoman, model, dancer and actress still keep fervent memories of her legacy in music as well as her love story.

Unfortunately, Selena’s departure not only devastated her millions of followers and fans, but also her ex-partner, who to endure her fatal loss took refuge in the use of substances and alcohol in the middle of her duel and spending several sleepless nights, as revealed by Distractify.

The guitarist tried to rebuild his life with Vanessa Villanueva with whom he had two children: Noah and Cassie, however, the marriage divorced in 2008, after that, Chris would not seek any other relationship again, as it transpired.

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So far, he still remembers Selena Quintanilla with some photographs where he appears next to her on stage.

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