Selena Gómez overcame a new rehabilitation and health problems that, as usual, led some of her fans to comment publicly that the celebrity was physically a little neglected.

The singer showed that her body and mind are in perfect harmony.

Despite the fact that Gomez does not usually have appearances in a swimsuit, some photos of her and her friends enjoying the celebration of Independence Day, were leaked on the networks to give a good account of the wonderful figure of the singer.

These snapshots were published, at least, on a couple of Instagram pages of fans of the singer where she is seen with a close group of friends having a different time and smiling happily.

A two-piece bikini with an animal print pattern, adorns the slim and firm figure of the 27-year-old singer in the middle of the pool that served as a stage to commemorate the national date.

Recently, the young singer has launched her cosmetic project called “Rare Beauty”, a new stage for the singer that broadens her horizons in search of becoming a complete businesswoman.