Selena Gomez shows her natural hair on social networks | Instagram Special

Singer Selena Gomez She has shown herself naturally from the privacy of her bed with a simple but elegant make-up from her own brand; Rare. The singer and actress raised sighs on social networks by showing that you don’t need a big production to be beautiful.

It is not surprising that the singer Selena Gomez Show us some of your privacy during these days of quarantine. Since her last music album Rare came out, the singer has been present on social networks again leaving behind his past with Justin Bieber.

As we well know, Selena Gomez It has been shown as an icon of style and fashion in recent years. So everything the celebrity wears becomes a trend and this time his photo has reached more than five million just a few hours after its publication by Instagram.

In addition to his work in acting and music, Selena Gomez She has worked as a model for different brands like Pantene, Puma and other renowned brands which have made it very popular. In addition to her work as a producer and soon in a cooking show.

Although we have seen Selena Gomez With various styles and makeovers, this is the first time we’ve seen the singer’s natural hair, which is more wavy, almost kinky and tousled by not using the iron or other beauty products.

It should be noted that in addition to being a personality with a strong presence on social networks, he has lately been the headline of the media because the wife of Justin Bieber She has confessed that she has self-esteem problems when being compared and constantly attacked as the cause of the separation between Selena and Justin.

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