Selena Gomez has wanted to open her heartabout her mental problems with an old friend, singer Miley Cyrus. Both have met in the live shows organized by Liam Hemsworth’s ex on her Instagram profile.

In this meeting, the former star of the Disney channel has confessed that she has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. “I recently went to one of the best mental health hospitals in America, McLean Hospital, and found out after many years resorting to different thingswhat was bipolar“Selena confessed to Miley.

“Since thenI have had a lot of information, something that has helped me. It hasn’t scared me since I know it, “continued Justin Bieber’s ex.

During this talk, Cyrus explained that the two singers had spoken again thanks to the sending of a simple emoji: a butterfly. “I am very happy that we have a relationship again. It was really nice because you sent me a butterfly emoji, “Miley explained, and continued,” That’s enough. Connect with people and let them know that you are there. A butterfly emoji is enough. “

A true conversation between friends in which both have discussed how they are carrying anxiety during this crisis by COVID-19 and have made clear how important it is to be connected with yours.