Selection: The union of the 24 of Luis Enrique translates a historical hand

The great atmosphere that reigns among the international in the end it was translated into goals. Thanks to that Union that all stand out as never before experienced in any dressing room, the Selection made history against Slovakia. Because the five goals that endorsed him to certify his pass to the second round of Euro 2020 are the biggest win in a final phase, exceeding the two 4-0 at Euro 2012, to Ireland in the group stage already Italy in the grand finale.

Spain went from a lack of aim in the first two matchdays, with a single goal against Sweden and Poland, to unleash with 17 shots against Slovakia, nine from them to door and five goals in the biggest win of its history in a final phase of a great tournament. Never in a European Championship or World Cup had he scored so many goals. Therefore, this group that has been doubted after the two initial draws, these 24 by Luis Enrique go to history of spanish football for being the first to score a little hand that they got into Slovakia.

This Selection exceeds their best records marked in the conquest of 2012 title, when in the group stage he reacted beating Ireland with a brace from Fernando Torres plus goals from David Silva and Cesc Fabregas, and one of the best memories with an exhibition in the final against Italy. On Kiev became legend with his second consecutive European Championship, with goals from Silva, Jordi Alba, Fernando Torres and Juan Mata, having won the 2010 World Cup between the two European conquests.

Pablo Sarabia, Ferran torres and Aymeric Laporte, together with two Slovaks, Kucka and goalkeeper Martin Drubravka, who scored in their own goal, have gone down in history Like the scorers who scored five goals for Spain for the first time in a final phase of a European Championship or a World Cup.

What’s more, this Selection becomes the fifth in history in putting more than five goals in a final phase. Only four selections they had got it before. In the Euro 1984, held in France, with France’s 5-0 triumphs against Belgium and Denmark against Yugoslavia. In the Euro 2000, which was organized jointly by the Netherlands and Belgium, arrived with a 6-1 from the Netherlands to Yugoslavia and the last time it happened was in the Euro 2004 from Portugal, in a 5-0 from Sweden to Bulgaria.

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