selection of the Sample of Mexican Indigenous Filmmakers

As part of an additional section to this year’s Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), right now the Indigenous Mexican Filmmakers Exhibition. It is an initiative that seeks to promote cinema told by women from the perspective of indigenous groups to bring the viewer closer to the universe and the cultural strength of these peoples of Mexico.

The exhibition is possible thanks to PROCINE CDMX and RED México and consists of five feature films and five short films that will be broadcast free of charge from November 15 to December 15, through open television and the Internet.

The feature films and the communities to which they belong are the following:

We are always walking, by Dinazar Urbina (Mixteca) Reunions: 2501 migrants, by Yolanda Cruz (Chatina) People of the sea and wind, by Ingrid Eunice Fabián (Zapotec) Tío Yim, by Luna Marán (Zapotec) TOTE_Abuelo, by María Sojob (Tsotsil) )

Uncle Yim (2019)

The section of short films comprises the following selection:

Arcángel, by Ángeles Cruz (Mixteca) Rojo, by María Candelaria Palma (Afro-indigenous) Pox, sacred drink, by Dolores Santiz (Tsotsil) Yolem Jammut – Yoreme Woman, by Iris Villalpando (Yoreme) Kárapani Tsínharhini, by Magdalena Cacari (P’urhépecha )

According to the FICM statement, all audiovisuals “show the plurality and complexity of the multiethnic and multicultural Mexico that we are, and also show their perspective as indigenous women and as female filmmakers.”

The TV channels where the works will be broadcast will be Capital 21, Channel 22, TV UNAM and ILCE-CANAL15 for Mexico City; Channel 28 in Nuevo León; TV 4 in Guanajuato; Channel 10.1 in Querétaro; SET TV in Puebla; 15.1 TV from Morelos; and CORAT TVT 1, 2 and UJAT in Tabasco.

In addition to the films and shorts, three talks with all the filmmakers who have already been prerecorded will also be available to those interested. They can be heard on Radio IPN and in podcast format on Spotify. In these, the moderators and the filmmakers talk about issues of identity, gender perspectives, the modern cinematographic narratives used by indigenous communities, and the creative and logistical effects on cinema caused by the pandemic.

You can check the schedules and locations where the films and shorts will be exhibited by entering here.

Morelia International Film Festival FICM FICM 2020 Sample of indigenous Mexican filmmakers

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