One of the players who has made the most progress since leaving FC Barcelona’s youth academy is Alejandro Grimaldo. The left side of Benfica He is a fixture in eleven, he is the field player with the most consecutive starting games (81) in all of Europe, and there are already those who ask for his presence in the National Team.


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Alex Carazo

The last to praise Grimaldo has been Eusebio Sacristán, who made him debut at Barça B at just 15 years old. “He is showing that he deserves the Selection and in the near future they could think of him, “he said in a statement to the Portuguese media O Jogo.

In addition, he added: “Selection is now the next step, a natural step. At 24 he is at a very good age for that opportunityEusebio has acknowledged that an injury cut his progression at Barça B, and that “due to his height and physique it was difficult to predict progression.”

The former coach of the Barça subsidiary, among others, has stated: “Grimaldo is capable of succeeding anywhere. He is in an important team, in an important championship, so he can play in any league. He is a player of great talent, great mentality and personality, he has the conditions to prevail anywhere and in any club. “

Grimaldo reached the lower categories of Barça when he was twelve years old, and eight years later, in 2015, he signed for Benfica, where already accumulates more than 150 games.