Selection Dani Olmo: “Croatia is much more than Modric”

Dani Olmo has appeared at the press conference prior to tomorrow’s match that the National Team will play against Croatia at the Parken Stadion in Copenhagen at 6:00 p.m.

Play off: “I’m fine, motivated. The objective was to pass, and from now on the playoffs are coming.”

Substitution: “I am available to the coach. The other day I did not participate, but the objective is to help the group”

Croatia: “Petkovic is a very complete player, who grows in big games and you have to be careful with him beyond the stars. Croatia is not just Modric.”

Bet: “Both teams have passed the stage on their own merits. They are a great team, runners-up in the world. There is no favorite. It is a fifty percent tie.”

advice: “Luis Enrique has not asked me about Croatia, but if he does, I will give him my opinion. I have spoken with the Croats, because I have played with them. We are all looking forward to the game.”

Rival: “Croatia is very competitive and it is a united country, pure heart. They are intense and give everything for their country.”

A relief to play outside: “We prefer to play at home. The field may be better in Copenhagen, but it has never been an excuse. In the last game we overcame adversity ”.

Substitution: “I will always be with the team whether it is inside or outside. We all feel important ”.

Croatian nationalization: “There was interest and I have affection for them, but my dream has always been to play for Spain”.

Croatian party for the world runner-up: “It was as if they had won it. I felt part of it ”.

Modric: “We know the player he is. It is even more important in the selection; there is the motor, the heart, it takes the baton of the team ”.

Croatia will not lock up: “I don’t think I will, but we are prepared for everything.”

Help Morata: “We do not agree with the threats. Criticism is normal, but going further is overdoing it. We are all people and you have to know how to respect ”.

Classification: “We wanted to be first in the group. When I saw the draw between Sweden and Poland, I thought the match was over. Now we have Croatia, probably a stronger rival, but nothing we have done so far has been easy ”.

Return to the Spanish League: “In the future I would like to play here, but I am happy at Leipzig and I have not done everything I had to do there. Now I am focused on the National Team ”.

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