Seidl, absolute fan of Carlos Sainz: «There is a reason why Ferrari loved him»

Although it may seem that Carlos Sainz’s 2020 season is not being as brilliant as last year, the truth is that the Spanish continues to demonstrate a very high level and an exciting progression. And McLaren knows it very well.

At this point in the season, Carlos Sainz had added 58 points last year and was already the revelation driver of 2019, something that was only confirmed in the final phase of the year, in which the Spanish achieved his first podium in Brazil and finished sixth in the overall drivers’ classification.

This year things did not start quite well and it was Lando Norris who enjoyed the best face of McLaren, but with effort and determination Sainz has been recovering sensations and regularity, adding already 75 points, one more than his teammate.

“I really like the approach, how he deals with the situation totally committed”

His last four performances are largely to blame for this, in which he has added points without interruption (34 in total) and has shone with performances like that of Turkey, on the toughest conditions in many years.

“A race like the one in Turkey confirms Carlos’ quality,” says Andreas Seidl in this regard. «We know from previous races that you like these difficult, wet or mixed conditions, We know that you perform well under these conditions and that you have the talent to take the right approach to risk. “.

“And he manages to keep the car on the track while it continues to progress,” continues the McLaren director, aware of Sainz’s reliability. «It is a great benefit. It also helps if you have a pilot who has already been working with his engineer and his team for some time., because in conditions like today you have a lot of communication between the driver and the pit wall ».

Ferrari takes a great driver

All this means that the signing of Carlos Sainz by Ferrari is less surprising every day, an agreement reached in May and which will be effective in less than two months.

“You can also see the experience that Carlos has, because it is important to be brief, calm but also clear on the radio about what is happening on the track, so that we can relate this to the data we see in the pits. And that in the end they make the right decisions at the right time, ”says Seidl about his still driver and the way he copes with difficult situations. «He is a great pilot. There is a reason why Ferrari wanted him for next year.

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Finally, the German engineer highlights Sainz’s commitment and capacity for motivation, which propels the team in the right direction. “I really like the approach, how he deals with the situation, together with us, totally committed, very motivating for the whole team. And I think that is also key for the results that we are obtaining at the moment.. So I’m really looking forward to the last three races with him in our team, and I hope we can beat him next year! ”Concludes Seidl.