SEGA reveals rare SEGA Nomad portable console prototype

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A few weeks ago, SEGA turned 60 in the video game industry. These 6 decades were full of experience for the company, which started as an arcade and recreation center company and later launched a robust series of consoles. Within this selection is the SEGA Nomad portable console. Like the other systems, it has an interesting story and we recently learned more about it, as SEGA revealed what one of the prototypes looked like.

SEGA shared a video on YouTube starring Hiroyuki Miyazaki, the company’s manager and producer. In which he briefly reviews SEGA’s history in the console industry while showing the systems and their codenames during development. All the consoles started from a name of a planet or celestial body. Thus, the Game Gear was previously known as Mercury and the SEGA Genesis as Moon. In the case of the SEGA Saturn, there was no change.

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The SEGA Nomad may have had a slightly different design

What gave the most to talk about is the console in whose development it was known as Venus internally in the company, we refer to the SEGA Nomad, a portable that debuted only in America and that aimed to end the dominance of Nintendo in this terrain. Basically, this system allowed gamers to play portable versions of the SEGA Mega Drive (SEGA Dreamcast, in the West), apart from the fact that it had the option to connect it to the television.

Well, what caught the attention of the video is that Miyazaki took a look for the first time at one of the SEGA Nomad prototypes. As you can see, this premature version of the console reveals that it could have been very different, as it not only had a brighter finish, but also its design was more symmetrical.

It is also possible to see that apparently the idea of ​​having 6 buttons and a directional pad was present from an early stage in development. At the top left of the system you can see the codename Venus.

You can see the never-before-revealed prototype at the 11:36 mark in the video below. We leave you with 2 comparative images between both consoles below.

SEGA Nomad (Image: SEGA, via YouTube)SEGA Nomad (Image: SEGA, via YouTube)

SEGA Venus (Image: SEGA, via YouTube)SEGA Venus (Image: SEGA, via YouTube)

What did you think of the design? Would you have liked the SEGA Nomad to keep the design of the prototype model? Tell us in the comments.

As you surely know, SEGA left the console industry around the year 2000 and concentrated on developing software and arcade machines. The bad news is that recently, primarily due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the company had to almost completely sell its recreational park business. You can find more news related to SEGA if you check this page.

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