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Next year, 2021, SEGA will be celebrating, because on June 23 its mascot, Sonic, will turn 30 years in the market. So far it is known that the company has plans to reveal some surprises related to the franchise, but there are not many details about them, other than that a new game is already in development. Well, today more details came to light about the projects that SEGA is preparing in relation to Sonic and it is striking that it has several games in plans.

Tails ’Channel pointed out that in a recent edition of the Licensing Source Book Europe publication there are 2 pages related to the SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, in which the good results that the various projects of the brand have had are exposed.

The interesting thing is that in one part of the post, the Japanese company anticipates that, in order to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary, there will be a lot of “digital content, events, and big announcements” apart from a “custom licensing program. measure ”and“ new games ”, which is striking, since only one new Sonic game had been confirmed.

In the 2 pages SEGA also mentions that Sonic the Hedgehog is very profitable, having generated more than $ 6 MMDD in profits to date. The area of ​​video games is very prolific, because it is also indicated that $ 920 million of deliveries of the Blue Hedgehog have been sold. Likewise, the great success of Sonic: The Movie stands out, which has made more than $ 300 million at the box office worldwide.

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Image: Licensing Source Book Europe

A 2021 full of celebrations is coming for Sonic

As you can see, SEGA is already preparing partners to empower Sonic’s reach on its 30th anniversary. We must remember that a few months ago SEGA would release a couple of surprises related to Sonic, but it was delayed and until now we do not know when it will be revealed, but everything seems to indicate that it was video games.

Although some recent releases of Sonic have not had good reviews, it is important to say that precisely the most fondly remembered by fans are those that SEGA has announced to celebrate Sonic’s important anniversaries, such as the 10th (Sonic Adventure 2) and in the 20th (Sonic Generations), so it is possible that the next one will have the same luck. We will keep you informed.

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What Sonic games would you like SEGA to announce? Are you excited about the festivities that the Japanese company is preparing? Tell us in the comments.

If you are a fan of Sonic, you should know that you will not have to wait until next year to enjoy the hedgehog associations, since on the occasion of its 29th anniversary, SEGA announced a drink inspired by the series. Also, very soon you will be able to enjoy a collaboration of Sonic with Ninjala. You can find more news about the Blue Hedgehog if you check this page.

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