SEGA is not at all happy with the debut of Taxi Chaos, Crazy Taxi clone

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Despite its sad end, the SEGA Dreamcast is one of the consoles with the best video game offer in history and many players have it in the highest of estimates. One of these titles is Crazy Taxi, whose wild action and licensed soundtrack that included songs from Bar Religion and The Offspring wowed gamers in 1999. Well, the game has returned to give something to talk about, but not as you expect. a cheeky clone caught the attention of SEGA, which is already investigating what happened.

A Crazy Taxi clone has caught the attention of SEGA

For some strange reason, companies with distribution platforms that also have intellectual property under their control are often deadly when their franchises are threatened, even by a small group of fans and enthusiasts, but they allow their online stores to be put to the test. selling games that are a clone of an original title. This is the case of Taxi Chaos. game developed by Team6 Game Studios and which was released yesterday on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, generating immediate controversy.

The debut of Taxi Chaos did nothing but draw attention for its “resemblance” to Cray Taxi and the brazenness with which the developers presented it as “a new Taxi experience”. As you can see in its launch trailer, the game is a clone of the one that made history in the SEGA Dreamcast and it seems that only the content was taken, some things were changed and it was offered on consoles.

As a result, the news reached SEGA Corporation, who in a statement denied that it endorsed or any kind of relationship with Taxi Chaos and indicated that it will investigate whether there is a violation of copyright and intellectual property regarding Crazy Taxi: “A third party company is promoting a game similar to SEGA’s Crazy Taxi. As inaccurately reported in some news stories, this title and its publisher and developer are not officially or unofficially endorsed by SEGA CORPORATION and its international divisions. Currently we are investigating this situation. SEGA highly values ​​our heritage and will unceasingly protect our intellectual property. We are also continually evaluating all opportunities to remake / reinvent our universes and bring them to the public as high-quality, innovative experiences. “

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