Spanish users of the Dark Web have increased by around 50% since the start of this state of alarm, as stated today by the chief commissioner of the National Police, José García Molina, at a press conference held after the meeting of the Coronavirus Technical Management Committee.

García Molina puts at 33,000 the number of Spaniards who resort to this type of website daily, which he describes as “refuge for sensitive activity”. And he specifies that

“Our cybercrime units are working hard to locate the individuals involved in possible criminal activities, as well as possible attack tools they could employ.”

Remember that defines the Dark Web as “the portion of the Internet that is intentionally hidden from search engines, it uses masked IP addresses and is accessible only with a special web browser. “

Illicit medical devices and fraudulent vaccines

But do the criminal activities due to the coronavirus necessarily change? And what kind of activities would be landing on the Dark Web?

According to the report “Pandemic profiteering: how criminals exploit the COVID-19 crisis” (PDF), published a few days ago by Europol, the forced confinement experienced by several European countries is favoring a “great demand for certain goods, protective equipment and pharmaceutical products” (which, in addition, would be becoming more expensive) …

… but also the “decrease in the supply of certain illicit products” whose activities would be moving to the Network to overcome “the limitations of public life”.

In addition, the 12,000 domains linked to the sale of fraudulent coronavirus medicines that the National Police discovered last week, they would have already risen to 130,000, for the most part purchased at the same time and from systems that mask the buyer’s IP address.

And also, cyber attacks

But the illicit sale of medical supplies and drug trafficking are not the only criminal activities that concern those responsible for prosecuting cybercrime: cyber attacks are also covered in the Europol report. Certainly, we have already experienced these days the fear of possible ransomware cyberattacks against hospitals, but according to the European police organization,

“The possibility of a large-scale cyberattack with serious repercussions in the real world and capable of paralyzing a sector or the entire society is no longer unthinkable”

         Spanish users of the Dark Web have increased 50%: they seek to illegally buy medical devices and traffic in drugs