Seedorf denounces racism among coaches

Former Dutch midfielder Clarence Seedorf believes his skin color is a handicap for coaching in Europe.

Free for more than a year and a half and the end of his adventure at the head of the Cameroonian selection, in July 2019, Clarence Seedorf sees nothing coming. Not even the shadow of a new challenge on the horizon. A situation that challenges the former Dutch midfielder (44), who began his coaching career on the bench of AC Milan in 2014, extended it to Shenzhen then to La Coruña, and would like today well take it elsewhere. If possible in Europe, where he feels he has his place.

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“I played for 12 years in Italy but after coaching AC Milan, despite a good job, I did not receive any calls. The Netherlands is my country, but there again, no appeal, ”he laments in La Gazzetta dello Sport. And for him, his skin color is a handicap in the middle of the round ball. ” What are the selection criteria ? Why do the great champions have no chance in Europe, where they have written pages of football history? Why does (Patrick) Vieira have to go to New York and (Thierry) Henry to Canada? He wonders.

“There is no equal opportunity”

“For the coaches, there is no equal opportunity, asserts the ex-Batavian international. If you look at the numbers, there is no black in the best clubs or in the highest office in football. It is something that concerns all of society. Everyone, especially those who can make a difference, must feel the responsibility of creating a performance-driven world and leave all doors open in order to strive for excellence. Because the best results can come from diversity. “

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