See wild animals and the most incredible natural landscapes with the best binoculars of 2021

Tips for choosing the best binoculars

As sure you need one of these devices, here are the basic criteria to know what binoculars to buy:

Increases. The main function of binoculars is to increase the image of objects that are far from our position. That is why it is important to know the amount of increases which has the model you buy. The normal thing is that they oscillate between 7 and 12.
Exit pupil. Its about cone of light that reaches our eyes through the binoculars. The higher it is, the brighter they will be.
Vision angle. It is important to know the visible area offered by our binoculars at a distance of 1000 meters. If the angle is 100 meters, it means that we can see a field of 100 meters at 1000 meters away.
Focus. The most common is that binoculars have a system of central focus that allows us to adjust the focus of both eyepieces. Although nowadays there are also models with rindependent regulators for each eye.
Ergonomics. The design of the binoculars will indicate its wearing comfort. It is recommended that your binoculars are not too heavy.

What are binoculars?

Binoculars are instruments that serve to magnify the image of objects that are far away. They do this through a series of lenses and a prism located in the two tubes, one for each eye. This effect is called stereoscopy.

And the process is not that simple. The magnification of the image is given by means of the light that reaches the lenses, where the prism corrects the image to place it in an optimal position. Binoculars are instruments that resemble telescopes in that sense, only that your field of view is much larger.

Types of binoculars

Although there are countless models of binoculars, the truth is that we can only find a few types:

Astronomy. They are binoculars of powerful. So much so that it is recommended to use them with a tripod.
Night vision. Quite expensive Y difficult to handle, these models are intended for surveillance work in night schedule or even for the hunting.
Camera. They are also expensive, but have a built-in camera that are intended for professional use.
Thermal. Used in the military field, these binoculars are the most advanced from a technological point of view.
Long-range. These binoculars are designed for hunting and the ornithology. They are also for professional use.
Travel. Light and compact, they are designed to take on a trip, as they are very comfortable to transport.

How do you know if binoculars are long-range?

The range of the binoculars will be determined by the number of increases. The normal thing is that they oscillate between 7 and 12 times. The higher the magnification, the more distant objects we can see clearly. From 10 increases we could talk about long range binoculars.

What are the magnifications in binoculars?

When we talk about the magnification of binoculars, we mean its ability to magnify the image of the object that we observe from afar. In addition, the calculation is very simple. If you have 10x binoculars, the objects that are at 100 meters, we will see them as if they were at 10.

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