See what a gamer did with their damaged Xbox One controller

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We know that the outgoing generation of consoles was left to a due in terms of the quality of their controls, especially those of PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Although the Xbox One controllers have proven to have better performance and durability, they are not exempt from breaking down and even seeing the sudden end of their useful life. For every player, it is always bad news that this happens, but an Xbox fan decided to give his Xbox One controller another use after verifying that it no longer worked.

A note from GameRant shared the creative decision an Xbox gamer made after his Xbox One controller, specifically the white one included in the S and S All Digital models, stopped working. After verifying that the remote could not be fixed, the reddit user EwokNuggets decided that instead of simply throwing it away or leaving it for a possible replacement of parts, he would disassemble it and display it in his entertainment center.

The result was a picture on the wall that shows all the parts that make up an Xbox One controller and that would easily explain why sometimes when we want to do repairs on our own, we end up with screws or spare parts.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think it is a good destination for those devices and accessories that no longer serve?

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