The Solidarity Income is a government bond for the most vulnerable families in the territory that have been economically damaged by not having income due to the COVID-19 crisis. In order to mitigate this economic crisis, President Iván Duque made the delivery of 160,000 pesos official, which was later increased to 240,000 Colombian pesos, and thus prevent major consequences in the country. On the next note, you can know if you access the benefit, the steps to take into account and on what dates the subsidy will be delivered to the entire town; In addition, some recommendations for when you approach the establishments authorized to collect. In times of pandemic, follow sanitation standards. Your health like that of others comes first in this situation.

Ripped off the Stage 2 of the delivery of the Solidarity Income DNP Colombia, which includes those beneficiaries who do not have an account in the financial system, so they will receive a text message to their personal mobile to inform them of which bank they must register to receive the entire subsidy. During the Stage 1 managed to reach 1.1 million households, all of them with access to a bank account; so this time, the state subsidy will be delivered to the unbanked, in order to support the most vulnerable households after the economic paralysis produced by the llegacy of COVID-19 to the region.

Take into account that, according to information from the National Planning Department (DNP) of Colombia, there are already 1,413,971 households that have already collected the economic subsidy of the National government (information updated until April 30); therefore, homes that are needed and comply with the requirements of the phase are urged to do so as soon as possible.

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How to access the official website of Sisbén?

For reasons such as the situation the country is experiencing today because of COVID-19, the Beneficiary Selection System For Social Programs (Sisbén). Organizations such as Sisbén allow citizens, or low-income family groups, to opt for social aid from the Colombian Government.

To access the official website of Sisbén you just have to click here, where you can check and print my system certificate. Similarly, you can check your Sisbén score in the same direction, by selecting the blue button in the lower-central part of the page that says “Enter the Sisbén here

What is Sisbén?

The Beneficiary Selection System For Social Programs (Sisbén) It is a mechanism implemented by the Colombian Government that is in charge of classifying the socioeconomic information of all citizens, emphasizing those who are in a vulnerable condition.

Through this classification, registered citizens may be considered for the various social programs that are spread across the country. This information is recovered from that which the citizen provides related to age, identification, location and other aspects that allow defining their current situation through a survey.

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All this information collected in poor rural or urban areas goes to a database and begins a classification based on the Sisbén score, which is defined between zero and 100 (calculated by computer and automatically), so that, those individuals with the Lower scores are potential beneficiaries of government bonds or subsidies. This means that not everyone who is enrolled in the system has access to subsidies.

How do I know if I will receive the DNP Solidarity Income through COVID-19?

The Colombian Government created the program Solidarity Income, which seeks to benefit 3 million households that have not received any other aid, that are not part of social programs such as “Familias en Acción”, “Colombia Mayor”, “Jóvenes en Acción” and “VAT Refund”, which they are in a situation of extreme poverty and vulnerability, and that after reviewing the database of different institutions, they are established as beneficiary families.

To access this financial aid it is not necessary to register. Colombian citizens only have to enter solidarity and with their identity card, identify if they are part of the group of beneficiaries.

To the beneficiaries of the bond and have a savings account in a financial institution, the 240,000 pesos will be deposited and they will be notified via text message. If you are chosen and you do not have accounts in the financial system, you will be sent a text message indicating the financial institution (AV Villas, Bancolombia, Davivienda or Movii) where the easy-to-use digital product must be opened in order to receive the bonus.

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What are the steps to know if I am a beneficiary of the DNP Solidarity Income by COVID-19?

1. Once enter the portal, click on the button that says “See here if you are a beneficiary”.

2. Then you must enter your ID number and click on the “I am not a robot

3. Click on “Search”. Immediately the page will inform you if you are among the chosen ones. Otherwise it will come out: “It is not in the list of HOUSEHOLDS beneficiaries of the Solidarity Income

4. If you are part of the group that will receive financial aid, they will inform you of the days and how to collect the Solidarity Income.

IMPORTANT. If you were not chosen, carry out the search with the data of all the members of your family who can meet the requirements of the program. In addition, if your family receives the bonus, prioritize the use of money to buy basic necessities such as medicines, food, make transfers or pay for services. It is not necessary to participate in bonuses, raffles or registrations to obtain solidarity income.

Quarantine in Colombia

Through Decree 593 of April 24, 2020, the National Government makes the new quarantine period in Colombia official, which runs until May 11. The first period ended on April 13 and was extended until April 27, now a third has been added that will end on May 11.

In the ad, the president confirmed that the manufacturing and construction sectors will reactivate work on April 27 and that physical activities will be opened in the open air between 5 and 8 in the morning with safety and health protocols.

Isolation seeks to slow the spread of the coronavirus; however, the standard includes 34 exceptions to guarantee the right to life, health and survival. Exceptions include, for example: provision of health services, purchase of food and medicine, travel to banking and notary services, as well as assistance to children, people over 70 and people with disabilities.