It may have happened to you and you may not have realized when it happened. Suddenly the iron has these black or brown stains and although they no longer stain your clothes, they ruin the aesthetics of your appliance and you probably do not know how to remove them.

These ugly stains that appear on the iron, after a while they may not stain your clothes but affect the efficiency of the ironing, that part of the surface does not slide the same and probably does not allow the heat to be uniform.

Clean the griddle with salt. Clean the griddle with a candle.

If you want to recover the shine of your iron and prevent any incident, apply one of the following tricks:

Vinegar: If the burns that the iron has are difficult to remove, only the vinegar can handle them. First heat vinegar and then with the help of a rag rub on the area, if you can not eliminate it completely, add two teaspoons of baking soda or coarse salt to the vinegar and repeat the process.

Detergent: If the iron is non-stick, pour a couple drops of laundry detergent in hot water and clean the surface with a cloth.

Clean the iron with a candle

Salt: Simple, on a cloth pour enough table salt and turn on the iron. Once hot, pass it over the salt until the stain disappears.

Candles: Turn on the iron and when it is hot put a candle over the burned area, then unplug the appliance and wipe off the wax.