Tabs without a doubt they are a key point in our favor because they give us a harmonious touch in our eyes, that is why thousands of companies have searched for years for the ideal formula to achieve long, thick and perfect eyelashes.

Beautiful eyelashes Eyelashes

But, today we recommend a totally natural ointment. Say goodbye to chemicals! They will all have to do with the beauty of your tab, all you will need is:

* 1 onion

* castor oil or coconut oil

* a splash of water

* a cotton swab


To start you must have a cotton swab or cotton handy
Then chop the onion into very small squares and blend with a little water
Then pour the preparation into a plastic container


Then add the coconut or castor oil and mix

Now, apply this mixture on your eyelashes with the help of the cotton swab every day. You will see the results in a short time.You will love it!

Note: The minimum time to see the results is 15 days, so if you apply this treatment for 3 months the results will be surprising. Don’t forget!