Hiccup is an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm, usually appearing out of nowhere as a result of some activity or even from overeating Did you know? Many people claim that hiccups go away if we get scared. It has to be a good scare! Could it be true?

Woman with hiccups Man with hiccups

Today we bring you some infallible tricks which will help you remove the hiccups without much effort so let’s get started!

As a first trick we tell you that sugar is able to calm your hiccups How to do it? Bring a spoonful of sugar to your mouth and then drink a glass full of water. How easy it is!

– Another tips is to contain breath as much as you can for a minute

– Below this tips has always surprised everyone and the only thing you have to do is cover your ears and drink water with a straw or cigarette

Man with hiccups

– It is said that if we take a tablespoon of white vinegar the hiccups disappear. Is this true?

– Take a tablespoon of lemon juice It will be enough!

– Inhale deeply and hold your breath. Repeat this procedure 20 times.

– Swallow air until you can burp if it works!

Note: The above tricks usually work but not all people find the same trick so try them all! We hope they work for you