See how the protagonists of ‘Friends’ have changed (or not)

The reunion of “Friends” is finally a reality and with the full cast! We show you the before and after of the stars.

The series was the home of celebrities, saw dozens of guest actors pass by and attracted millions of fans. A cult series, one of the most mythical series of the 90s.

Its chapters do not age, but its cast is already beginning to accuse the passing of the years to which everyone is susceptible. Some go through them divinely, others not so much.

Jennifer Aniston, the great winner. She played Rachel Green, the rich young fashionista who came to the city to become independent and learn to be responsible for herself. She was the highest paid in the series and, after Rachel, Brad Pitt’s eternal ex has been the protagonist of successful romantic comedies.

See how the protagonists of 'Friends' have changed (or not)REX Features / Shutterstock / The Grosby Group. Zuma Press / The Grosby Group.

Matthew Perry, the hardest hit. The actor who played the likeable Chandler Bing. He has acknowledged the problems he had with alcohol and drugs. Although he always stayed sober on set, the outward signs of this infighting were visible: the actor changed a lot physically, aging faster than the rest of the cast.

Courteney Cox, away from cameras and close to cosmetic surgeries. The actress who stepped into the skin of control and cleanliness freak Monica Geller is almost unrecognizable, a major facial change that shows her fear of the passage of time. In recent years he has not been seen on the red carpet, but on his social networks he remains active and fun.

Matt LeBlanc, gray-haired and aged. The actor played the funny, lovable and hilarious Joey Tribbiani on the unforgettable series. It is of the six the one that has acquired the most the image of an older person. Although he still looks good, his hair has gone completely gray and he has gained a lot of weight.

See how the protagonists of 'Friends' have changed (or not)See how the protagonists of 'Friends' have changed (or not)REX Features / Shutterstock / The Grosby Group Reuters / The Grosby Group

Lisa Kudrow, will always be Phoebe. His character was the most eccentric. Of all her colleagues she is the one who has changed the least, her face today is the same as we know her.

David Schwimmer, a very versatile actor. He gave life to Ross, Courteney’s brother in fiction. Taking care of his image more than his two male co-stars and trying to stay active in the professional field, behind the cameras and in the theater, where he continues to direct and act.

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