See how an AirTag tracks a letter across the UK

AirTags have been with us for a few days, and the truth is that all kinds of solutions are already being seen that go beyond locate our lost items, such as backpacks or keys. And, with a little imagination (removing, yes, the limits to privacy applied by Apple), we can use them in all kinds of situations.

One of those curious uses of the AirTag has been to check how effective it is to use these Apple labels to track the location of an object. How? By inserting it into a letter sent via the UK postal service.

An AirTag user has used Apple’s Find My network to track the location of a letter. All while traveling the UK from one city to another via the postal service. And the result has been quite successful.

AirTag on the trail of a letter


The journey has been quick, and thanks to Apple’s distributed network of devices, from which Find My draws to know the location of an AirTag at all times, it was possible to follow the path of the letter. Meanwhile, the owner was always aware of its location:

My AirTag was soon on its journey. By 5:49, it had started moving, entering Stratford-upon-Avon, presumably to be loaded onto a truck to go to the next location. Around 6:40, he had left town and was heading north.

At 7:30 AM, he arrived at the South Midlands Mail Center, a “highly automated mail processing center,” a massive warehouse-like site where mail is sorted. The presence of even an employee with an ‌iPhone‌, with ‌Find My‌ activated, was enough to record this location, but it is likely that many of the employees have iPhones.


The full AirTag (and letter) walkthrough video can be viewed on Kirk McElhearn’s blog. He has also told how the whole process has been and how he did it. He simply synced an AirTag with his iPhone and stuffed it into a small bubble envelope. He posted the letter and continues all the way.

Thanks to the fact that the AirTag alert system has a reasonable time, and that the letter arrived quite quickly at its destination, device alarm did not go off Despite having been away from its owner’s iPhone for a while, as we explain in our video:

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