Last year it was announced that Chris Hemsworth would be playing the Hulk Hogan on a biopic. So far, details of production are scarce, but at least A fan art has already emerged that gives us an idea of ​​what the Australian actor would look like playing the iconic WWE wrestler.

The image comes courtesy of digital artist BossLogic, who was able to transfer the most recognizable features of the eighties fighter to the face of the Extraction performer. Here we see Chris wearing a mustache and a blonde mane that is wrapped in a red bandana. The truth is that, first hand, it seems that we are indeed seeing the real subject, but, if enough attention is paid, it can be detected that it is someone else giving it life.

The production does not yet have a title, which is why, creatively and for the purposes of optimal decoration of the poster, it was named Hulkamania. As if this were not enough, in the Instagram post that contained the photograph, a surprise is included: a second design starring Chris Evans as Randy Savage, a fellow turned Hogan rival.

The interesting? Here a twist is given to the representation, since instead of crediting Evans, it is mentioned that the histrion behind the personification of this other ring legend would be … Lucas Lee! (as her character in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World).

On the project, Hemsworth himself is also on fire. Until recently, it was thought that the film would be directed by Todd Philips, but the person behind Joker has not yet confirmed his involvement. Even with these mysteries in between, the star has said excitedly, since the challenge of giving life to the controversial showman / athlete seems exceptional.

Hemsworth recently talked about how good the script for Thor: Love and Thunder is. We are prepared to see him go from the god of thunder to the world image of wrestling.

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